A little about us...
     "In a nutshell (or in this case a melon rind), we're three brothers who LOVE melons."

     We have made specialty melons a family affair!
Growing up in Loomis, we share a deep respect for the rich history of agriculture in Placer County. 
It is our greatest pleasure to continue this tradition on the beautiful acres of Horton Farm! 

      Formerly the farmer behind the  "Melon Mania" festival, I have hand selected the BEST varieties I have ever grown for the Balloon Brand label. We never use pesticides and use only natural fertilizers. The rich soil of historical Horton Farm is perfect for raising the sweetest and juiciest crop of melons possible, so make sure to visit our farm stand this summer!

See you out here,
- Farmer Jakob


The "Balloon Brand" Brothers
  1. Jakob Stevens
  2. Erik Stevens
  3. Espen Stevens